September 27, 2010

Anniversary of Tudela and the monastery of Sant Cugat

With the issue of two stamps commemorating the 1200 anniversary of the founding of Tudela (Navarra) and the Millennium of the monastery of Sant Cugat (Barcelona).

Although there is evidence of the existence of a Roman settlement in Tudela, confirmed by the discovery of the mosaic of The Ramalete, the real founders of the capital of the Bank Merindad the Arabs, namely Ibn al-Muwallad Amrus, a representative of the Emir of Cordoba. The city of Tudela, since its conquest by Alfonso the Battler, highlighted as a model of religious coexistence equilibrium and integrating cultures. It remained to be expelled Jews and Moors in 1498 to 1610.

Stamp Issue: 2002-04-15

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