June 21, 2010

1000 years Kłodzko

Gothic bridge the stream called "Młynówka", duct departing from Nysa Klodzka one of the oldest buildings of its kind in the region. It is one of the nine bridges connecting the oldest part of the old town center Kłodzko, site of the former borough, located on Sand Island.

The bridge is a four-span arch structure were built of hewn sandstone, has a length of 52.20 and approximately 4 meters wide, is limited by massive stone balustrades, richly decorated with sculptures of saints and crucifixes. It has two abutments and three pillars. The two extremes are narrower shape of the pointed arch arcade. The most interesting is the central pillar. The bridge above the base has six ribs, on which rests a flat platform in the shape of the incomplete star, who was specially prepared for the construction of the chapel, which was not finally.

Issue: 1981-05-21
Cp 783