September 27, 2010


The Puente de los Tilos, is a bridge built by engineers Santiago Pérez-Fadón Martinez and José Emilio Herrero Beneítez and their team near San Andrés y Sauces in the island of La Palma (Canary Islands). It was inaugurated on the 18th December 2004 and it consists of a 255m span arch. The arch and spandrel piers are made of high resistance concrete. The length of the bridge is 357 m and stands more than 150m high over the del Agua gully. With this bridge, the authors broke the span record in the building of concrete arches in Spain.

The Canal de Castilla is one of the most important civil engineering constructions in Spain. It was built as a means of communication for the region of Tierra de Campos so that agricultural produce could be transported along the canal to the northern sea ports. It was finished by 1849 and has an inverted Y shape with a total length of 270 km running through the provinces of Palencia, Burgos and Valladolid. With the arrival of the train, the canal lost its purpose as a means of communication and became an irrigation channel in 1909. Since 1972 the Hydrographic Confederation of the Duero River is in charge of its management and maintenance.

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