September 24, 2010

Girder bridge

The next issue of the series “Architectural constructions. Bridges” is devoted to the girder bridges. Bridges with frameworks, the main load-carrying structures of which are beams or girders, are the most widespread in a modern bridge building. They are used in complex road interchanges. Distinctive feature of the girder system is that only vertical loads are transferred from the bridge superstructures to the piers and horizontal one are absent. Load transfer is carried out by a flexural element of a construction. Bridge structure depends on the size of overlapping of superstructures, the load on the bridge and the intensity of movement.

Depicted on the stamps:  
  1. Jubilee Bridge over the River Volga in Yaroslavl 
  2. Bridge across the Moscow Canal in the village Khlebnikovo Moscow region 
  3. Viaduct over the valley of the river Matsesta in Sochi 
  4. Bridge across the Kola Bay in Murmansk. 
Stamp Issue: 2010-09-15

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