September 22, 2010

750 years of Tczew

Polish Post has issued on the occasion of the 750th value Tczew anniversary of granting civic rights. The first mention of this village date back to the 1198th. Burned down in 1577 the fault of the troops Stefan Batory Foundation, the reconstruction of the effects of the war hit him with Sweden.

In the nineteenth century saw the rapid development of infrastructure. In the interwar period was built the first school in Poland sea. At the moment Tczew has 60,232 people. The biggest attractions include the stamp should be visible on the nineteenth-century bridge over the Vistula River (837 m), the Gothic Church of the Holy Cross in the thirteenth century with a baroque interior, and the neo-Gothic town hall of the early twentieth century (see in the FDC).

Stamp Issue: 2010-05-27
number 4336

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