July 13, 2009

Indonesia Suramadu Bridge

Suramadu Bridge
is a 5,438 m long bridge connecting Java Island and Madura Island. Considered as a longest bridge in Indonesia so far, Suramadu Bridge becomes a new landmark of Indonesia, especially East Java Province. Officially started in 2003, the construction is undertaken simultaneously on all of its three parts, both Surabaya and Madura side as well as central part comprising approach bridge and main bridge. Suramadu Bridge is inaugurated by President of the Republic of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on 10 June 2009.

Stretched across Madura Strait, this bridge consists of three parts, namely causeway, approach bridge and main bridge. The bridge provides four 3.5 m width two-ways lines and two 2.75 m width emergency lines. Special line for motorcycle rider is available along the outer side of the bridge. Two causeways connect the bridge with the land across the shallow water at both sides. The 672 m long approach bridges link causeways with the main bridge. The main bridge is made up using cable stayed construction supported by twin towers erected 143 m high. The bridge allocates 35 m high free space above the sea level to accommodate shipping traffic across Madura Strait.

Suramadu Bridge is built to increase transportation traffic of people and logistics from and to Madura Island. The increasing traffic is believed will accelerate development in Madura Island which less developed than other parts of East Java Province. Hopefully, the bridge will pace the growing economics activity of this area. Whereas, the instant economics benefit comes from revenue of toll charged to every vehicles pass the bridge.

Stamp Issue: 2009-06-10