August 21, 2010

150 Anniversary of the rail-road bridge in Tczew

Preparations for building the first iron bridge had been going during 1844-1845. The foundation stone was laid July 27, 1851 year by Frederick William IV.

The first train ran on the 12 October 1857 year. Most numbering 837 m in length, resting on seven pillars, was the longest in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Portals of the bridge was decorated with reliefs depicting among other Winrich von Kniprode, receiving the homage of the Duke of Lithuania Kiejstutis.

In the years 1888-1891 at a distance of 30 meters a second bridge was built only by rail. At that time, the older of the bridge turned into a road. Originally, both bridges were shorter than today, because the embankment was located closer to the riverbed. In 1912 he moved toward the shaft Lisewa, an extension of the bridges and outbuildings were built with a common gate. Both bridges are all the possible technical solutions of construction for the construction of bridges in the art from the nineteenth century.

Stamp Issue: 2007-10-12
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