May 16, 2014

Historical Bridge

Kesik Bridge (Sivas): Kesik Bridge is one of the best examples of Anatolian Seljukian architecture tradition, located over Kizilirmak in the route of Ancient Sivas-Kayseri road and was built by Seljukian State in 1292. The bridge has a length of 326,36 meters and width of 4,95 meters; the bridge is completely built with cut stones. The biggest arch span is 7,90 meters long. The bridge consists of two parts; its Sivas side has 17 niches and its Kayseri side has 2 niches.

 Clandiras Bridge (Usak): Clandiras Bridge is an important passage between the past and the future constructed in the area of Phrygians, located over Banaz Stream in Karahalli district of Usak province. The bridge is approximately 2500 years old. Bridge which has a structure with pulley shaped arch with one niche, has a width of 1,75 meters and length of 24 meters and depth of 17 meters. The stone surfaces of the bridge constructed over the strong stones and placed on semi-waist of the rocks of the mountain are engraved and big stones of the arches are clamped into each other.

Stamp Issue: 2014.04.10