November 20, 2008

Korean Bridge Series (4th)

In this fourth segment of the Korean Bridge series, such representative suspension and truss bridges of Korea as Gwangan Bridge, Seongsu Bridge, Seongsan Bridge, and Yeongjong Bridge are featured. A suspension bridge has two main towers at each end, between which cables hang. A truss bridge is shored up by a web of triangles composed of timbers or steel rods.

(1) Gwangan Bridge
Gwangan Bridge lies across the sea between Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu and U-dong, Haewundae-gu of Busan city. It was completed in 2002 as a double-deck bridge combining the features of a suspension bridge as well as a truss bridge. Of its total length of 7,420m, the suspension-bridge section extends 900m. This is the longest among all suspension bridges in Korea, thus launching a new era in Korea's bridge construction methods. Boasting beautiful illumination comprising about 100,000 different colors, the Bridge provides a splendid sight. The bridge is 18~25m wide.

(2) Seongsu Bridge
Linking Seongsu-dong and Apgujeong-dong of Seoul, Seongsu Bridge is 1,160m long. To relieve the traffic congestion of Seoul, the Bridge was completed in 1979 as a truss-bridge, becoming the 11th bridge built over Han River. Since its disastrous collapse in 1994, two rounds of restoration work were conducted. In 1997, the Bridge was reopened with 4 lanes that only directly linked North to South, with no ramps to enter from adjoining roads. In 2004, the Bridge width was expanded from 19.4m to 35m, becoming an 8-lane bridge.

(3) Seongsan Bridge
Boasting excellent representative beauty through the representation of harmony between half-moon-shaped Oriental curvature and lineal beauty, Seongsan Bridge was completed in 1980 as the 12th bridge over Han River. Linking Mangwon-dong and Yanghwa-dong of Seoul, the Bridge connects to Seobu Trunk Road and Gyeongin Highway. As a result, much traffic crosses over the Bridge. As a truss bridge, the Bridge is 1,415m long and 27m wide and has 6 lanes.

(4) Yeongjong Bridge
Shaped after traditional eaves of time-honored Korean houses, Yeongjong Bridge links Gyeongseo-dong (Jang Island) and Unbuk-dong (Yeongjong Island) of Incheon City. The Bridge was completed in 2000 after 60 months of construction that started in 1995. As the exclusive link to Incheon International Airport, the Bridge has two decks which are used for both general traffic and railroad conveyance. The Bridge is 36.1m wide and 4,420m long, 550m of which comprise the suspension bridge section and 2,250m for the truss bridge section.

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