November 9, 2008

Poles in the world

The Polish Post has just introduced two stamps devoted to Poles who lived and worked abroad, and did extraordinary things. They left a permanent image, making the name of Poland famous.

Ernest Malinowski, whose 100th anniversary of death will be celebrated on March 3rd this year, is the constructor of the famous Central Trans-Andean Railway in Peru. It is called a marvel of the engineering art of the 19th century. It is 218 km long (from Callao to Oroya) and most of it is located over 2000m over the sea level. It riches its highest peak in Ticlio: 4818m over the sea level, and this is why it is a railway located at the highest point in the world. A special sign placed there is presented on the FDC envelope accompanying the stamp. The stamp itself represents a portrait of Ernest Malinowski and a bridge over Verrugas canyon, belonging to the biggest constructions of this type in the world - it is 175m long and its height is 77 m.

Rudolf Modrzejewski, known in the United States as Ralph Modjeski, son of the famous actress, Helena, also became famous as a constructor of bridges. His most famous constructions include the Benjamin Franklin Bridge on the Delaware river in Philadelphia, which is presented in the second stamp. It was erected in 1926 and it had a record-breaking suspended span and elastic steel pylons 110m high. His work during the construction of the Trans-Bay bridge in San Francisco and in Quebec was also evaluated very positively.

Stamp Issue: 1999-02-12
number 3598, 3599

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