November 20, 2008

Korean Bridge Series (3rd)

In this third series of Korean bridges, such representative cable-stayed bridges of Korea as the Olympic Bridge, Seohae Bridge, Jindo Bridge, Changseon-Samcheonpo Bridge are introduced. Utilized when the distance between bridge columns is lengthy, cable-stayed bridges present a beautiful appearance shored up by cables hanging from the main tower.

(1) Olympic Bridge
In commemoration of the 1988 Seoul Olympic Game, the Olympic Bridge was completed in 1990, linking Guui-dong, Gwangjin-gu and Pungnap-dong Songpa-gu. At the center of the Bridge stands its 88m-high main tower that symbolizes the 1988 Seoul Olympic Game. At each side of the main tower are 12 hanging cables, with the number of cables totaling 24, meant to symbolize the 24th Olympic Games held in Seoul. The Bridge is 30m wide and 1.47km long, of which the cable-stayed section of the bridge extends 300m.

(2) Seohae Bridge
Its supports shaped like the Seohae Bridge links Pyeongtaek city, Gyeonggi Province and Dangjin county, South Chungcheong Province. Opened in 2000, this Bridge is emerging as the gateway to the West Sea commerce that will lead the era of Northeast Asian trade. As the largest cable-stayed bridge in Korea, its main towers are 182m high and the distance between each is 470m, allowing a 50,000-ton vessel to pass between them under the Bridge. The Bridge is 31.41m wide and 7.31km long, of which the cable-stayed section of the bridge is 990m.

(3) Jindo Bridge
Laid across the Wooldolmok Straits (also called Myeongryang Straits), which is famous for Admiral Yi Sunshin¡'s sweeping victory over the Japanese forces, the Jindo Bridge links Jindo county and Haenam county in South Jeolla Province. This Bridge was constructed using as its inspiration the Joseon naval forces and the womenfolks performing during the Japanese invasion of Korea. Opened in 1984 as the nation's first cable-stayed bridge, this Bridge has now become a twin bridge, as the second Jindo Bridge was added in 2005. The two Jindo Bridges are both 484m long, with their width being 11.7m and 12.5m, respectively.

(4) Changseon-Samcheonpo Bridge
Opened in 2003, the Changseon-Samcheonpo Bridge links Namhae county and Sacheon city in South Gyeongsang Province. Comprised of four sub-bridges (the Samcheonpo Bridge, Choyang Bridge, Neukdo Bridge and Changseon Bridge) and harmonized with the superb scenic beauty of Hallyeohaesang National Maritime Park, the Bridge presents a magnificent spectacle. Of the four sub-bridges, only the Samcheonpo Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge. Changseon-Samcheonpo Bridge is 3.4km long (Samcheonpo Bridge section being 436m) and 14.5m wide.

Stamp Issue: 2006-09-26

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