October 7, 2009

Technical Monuments – Bridge Kráľová at Senec

The bridge over the Čierna Voda river, on the road from Krmeš to Kráľová , was built in 1904. This type of bridge has a skeleton of stone, filled out with burnt bricks, and an artistic stone railing designed like a balustrade. The bridge had its stone predecessor from the 18th century.

The Italian constructors and stone-masons used some original Baroque material for its construction - mainly the stone balustrade. From the artistic point of view, this balustrade fully matches the fencing between the parsonage and the adjacent house. The bridge features Baroque and Art Noveau elements, but its style is best described as Neo-Baroque. Below the mansion was a wooden bridge till 1900. This bridge is a technical monument with artistic elements, secondarily registered as city planning and a historic monument. The bridge is set on four bearing rectangular pillars, spanning the river in three ellipsoid arks, the bridge-body ends in approximately 100 cm high pillars. Both ends of the bridge are filled with material from the road to the bank. The bridge is historic, associated with the Pálffy-clan in this location. The Pálffy-clan gradually allowed an extensive exemplary agricultural-industrial complex to be built - the modified mansion in Kráľová and the bridge connecting the closer surroundings on the right riverbank with the park and land behind the river on the left bank. Following the death of the last owner, Ján Pálffy, and the end of World War I, this complex started to be broken up: the land and parks were divided, and the bridge which was originally inside the mansion area ended up free standing. The original park-bridge became a road-bridge connecting the two local parts. The dimensions of the bridge: length - 4009 cm, bridge body width - 602 cm, road width - 470 cm, height of highest point above middle-ark - 680 cm.

The First Day Cover shows the Baroque stone bridge over the rivulet Sikenica in Bátovcie from 1780. The FDC Cancellation shows the Gothic bridge in Dravce.

Stamp Issue: 2007-09-05

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