January 6, 2009

Taiwan Scenery

Taiwan is a long, narrow island oriented in a north-south direction. Situated on the southeastern side of the Asian continent, on the island arc of East Asia, it occupies a pivotal link for transportation within the Asia-Pacific region. With air links in all directions, it is very convenient for traveling. The topography of Taiwan is very complex and diverse, and there is an abundance of dramatic scenery, including mountains, craggy hills, plains, basins, islands, longitudinal valleys and seacoasts. What’s more, with the Tropic of Cancer passing through the middle of Taiwan, there are tropical, subtropical and temperate ecosystems, and the resulting biodiversity constitutes a great resource for tourism. To promote the beauty of Taiwan to people abroad, Chunghwa Post has specially chosen four famous scenic spots for a set of Taiwan Scenery Postage Stamps.

1) Taichung’s Chungshan Park (NT$5): Built in 1903, it is also called Taichung Park. It has an area of 10.5 hectares. The graceful classical-styled Huhsin Pavilions in the park’s lake are its most representative feature. Their red roofs and snow-white walls resemble two bamboo hats. Among the most famous landmarks of Taichung City, these are great places for Taichung residents to relax.

Chungchen Bridge is a small stone arch bridge in Taichung’s Chungshan Park. 

2) Ilan’s Dongshan River (NT$5): The Dongshan River, which has been straightened, is Ilan’s fifth largest river and one of the county’s most renowned scenic spots. Apart from the scenery along the river, the arched bridge spanning the river and its reflection in the water (which serve as a symbol for the Cingshuei Water Park) also provide beautiful vistas.

Lizegane Bridge crosses the Dongshan River. 

3) Tianliao’s 'Moonscape'(NT$11): These 'badland' have been formed by years of strong rain and river erosion, which have washed away the soft, blue-gray and slightly salty mudstone to leave this barren and rugged 'moonscape.

4) Chenggong’s Sansiantai (NT$20): Sansiantai (Terrace of the Three Immortals) is a coral reef island with lots of huge rocks on land and coral reefs in the sea around it. With an area of about three hectares, the island is connected to Taiwan proper by a beautiful 320-meter-long footbridge.

Stamp Issue: 2003-10-28

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