January 4, 2009

Highway Bridges over the Yangtze River

Wanxian Highway Bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge built over the Yangtze River in 1995. It is located in the vicinity of the Three Gorges Dam in Wanxian, Chongqing, China. Its arch is 420 metres and it is 864 m in length. During the bridge construction, a concrete-filled tubular arch truss frame was built to support the weight of the concrete arch and embedded into the concrete arch. The Wanxian Bridge is longest existing concrete arch bridge in the world. It is a major highway bridge with lanes for vehicles and pedestrians.

Huangshi Highway Bridge is a cantilever bridge. The total length of  is 2,580m. Main span 245m (162.5+3×245+162.5)m continuous box girder.

Tongling Highway Bridge is a prestressed concrete cable stayed bridge with double towers and double cable planes. The total length of  is 2,592m (80+90+190+432+190+90+80)m. This bridge was built up and opened to traffic on December 26th, 1995, and won China Construction Engineering Luban Prize in 2000.

Jiangyin Highway Bridge is the most seaward suspension bridge to cross the Yangtze River of China. The concrete towers are 190 metres tall, roughly equivalent in height to a 60 story building. It connects the cities of Jiangyin and Jingjiang. The main span of the bridge is 1,385 metres long, making it the sixth-longest span suspension bridge in the world and the largest in China at the time of its completion in 1999. The bridge opened on September 28, 1999. 

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