October 20, 2010

Bridge of Taiwan (IV)

To publicize the beauty of Taiwan’s bridges, Chunghwa Post has previously issued three sets of stamps in its “Bridges of Taiwan” series, featuring the bridges of northern, central, and southern Taiwan respectively. Now Chunghwa Post is following up with a fourth set of four stamps on bridges of eastern Taiwan.

Their designs follow:
Lizejian Bridge, Yilan (NT$5): Spanning the Dongshan River, Lizejian Bridge was originally a reinforced concrete bridge named Jiejing (which means “Shortcut”) Bridge. To accommodate water sport competitions at the Dongshan River Water Park, the bridge was rebuilt as a single-arch bridge without any piers and renamed Lizejian Bridge. Opened to traffic in June of 1992, the bridge has a total length of 148 meters, a width of 22 meters, and a top-of-the-arch height of 26 meters. Like a rainbow arching over green water, the bridge has become a Dongshan River landmark.

Taroko Bridge, Hualien (NT$5): The Taroko Bridge has five light-blue steel-arch spans over the Liwu River. The main spans are located in Xiulin Township, Hualien County. Opened to traffic in February of 2002, the bridge is 1,248 meters in length (including 512 meters of steel spans and 736 meters of pre-stressed concrete viaducts) and 20.8 to 29.6 meters in width. The height of its tallest arch is 25 meters. There are four spaces for lifescape sculptures where the main spans meet the viaduct sections of the bridge. Imbued with local character, the beautiful bridge has become one of Hualien’s most recognizable landmarks.

Hongye Bridge, Taitung (NT$12): Spanning the Luye River, Hongye Bridge is located in Hongye Village at 400 meters above sea level. It provides the principal access from the village to Luye Township and Taoyuan Village. Opened to traffic in March of 2000, the bridge has a total length of 133 meters, a width of 10 meters, and a height of 10 meters. The dark-red steel-arch bridge is beautifully set off against the surrounding mountain greenery and murmuring river.

Pudu Bridge
, Hualien (NT$15): Spanning the Liwu River, Pudu Bridge, located in the Tianxiang recreation area of the Taroko National Park, is the only footbridge from the Central Cross-Island Highway to the Xiangde Temple. Originally a suspension bridge, it was later rebuilt as a cable-stayed steel one. Completed in October of 2003, the bridge has a total length of 88 meters, a width of 3 meters, and a height of 15 meters. Surrounded by strikingly beautiful green mountains and spanning a spectacular deep gorge, the beauty of Pudu Bridge is heaven sent.

Stamp Issue: 2010-10-20


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